Do we fool ourselves in the pursuit of dreams?

Follow your dreams!

Though it’s said hundreds of thousands of time and sometimes it just loses its shiny impression upon us, but it’s still invaluable no matter what. 

We all hear about how important to pursue our dreams and never settle to them. But sometimes it came to you in the form of hard situations and unbearable moments that your intuition or inner voice would tell you that in its simple yet unique form _ Just follow your dreams. 

Hard situation is hidden  to tell you that you are in your way to achieve your dreams, or that you abandon them altogether that’s why you suffer now! Or that you are in the wrong way assuming that you go after your dreams, but they are not yours actually, they might be theirs and you just fear being lonely!

I belive that life won’t let you fall into the trap of such illusions, but would empower your life with events and persons to guide you. Prophets are every where. But it’s our clear vision and being open to all the ways that might lead us that would determine whether we will fulfill our aspiration and find our value in life or we will go astray, accusing life of all the afflictions we have in our life. 

It is our choice and responsibility to make our life the way we decided to.


My ideas are my invincible army!


Your way of thinking, ideas, and attitude are stronger than any other circumstances surrounding you.

So if you want to increase your level of self-fulfillment in life, you’ve to be armed with strong ideas about your self and your innate abilities first.

This only would guarantee you to be standing on the right path ready to do all what it takes to achieve your full potentials.

Freedom: our innate desire to get released


We all aspire to push our life to the full potential level through which we can feel a good sense of ourselves. We can achieve this by empowering this simple choice that we already have.

That is Freedom!

Yes, I claim that freedom is a choice that we all can activate internally to go beyond borders and discover life as has never been before.

Let me say something I noticed about people around me or even in distant place, and this sometimes even applies to me , that whenever you find someone suffers, it’s a strong indicator that they lack freedom in a away or another in their life.

But wait..

You may jump into a conclusion that some people are miserable while they have all the worldly comforts they need and any one aspires to. That’s,of course, not the sense of freedom I am arguing about.

What I argue about is the ability to let go of all the constant desires whether to be a high rank position, and grabbing attention; by the way such things will not be abandoned completely, though. Adding to that all kind of bad or miserable feelings or unfulfilling situations as the other dark side of attachment. By releasing all these kind of chains, you will feel good enough about yourself and your future even if matters are not so great.

You are not attached to such things in a way that would deprive you from feeling the MOMENT that you already have. You will attract more of what you feeling right now, so be cautious and watch your inner feeling as they invisibly connect and contact with the outer world, allowing you to take the more of all that’s already inside.

So if you want to be more happy and fulfilled, you have to feel free and be quite sure that you can get all what you aspire to, once you carefully planted the idea deep inside yourself.

Freedom is the gate to your prosperous future yet to come . It’s your choice and still and will ever be at your hand!


How frustration boosted my desire to succeed



All the time we are bombarded with various and even contradictory kind of situations that affect ourselves and reshape our inside. So it’s no surprise that we become perplexed and confused feeling our selves at the brink of failure.

I am no exception to this as I underwent all such contradictory feeling as how I can be my self and my life flourish again. Here’s what I did and how it impacted my whole life.

Decided I am on the wrong path. This does not necessarily suggest that what I am doing is bad in itself, but would notify me that what I am doing is not suitable for my abilities and my skills that whatever I do, it would lead me to the nowhere. It was not only about the tools that I use but about the vision itself.

What my childhood memory inspired me of. We all have such vivid dreams that were inspiring enough to tell us more about our future and what we love to do and even how to do it.What I love long before my childhood matters an d even helped in my perplexing moments that I could recall my full potential gifts to  embrace and revive them again as I am standing on the crossroad!

Keeping my self away from negative atmosphere. Negative circle contaminate our inner peace and cause us to doubt our trust to create the fabulous life that we deserve. I stepped away from negative people as possible as I can. Also situation that may stir me up and cause me upset without any potential benefit, I also excluded from my list.

Suspending social network for a while. This step in particular benefited me far than I expected. As I took a bold decision to permanently deactivate my Facebook account, and quit from Instagram for months. All is fine now as I came back with new thoughts and spirit as how to make it an integral part of my still-to-come life of clear vision and aspirations.

Reading as a way to rediscover yourself. Of course reading is an indispensable part of our life that would keep both our mind and soul active and vibrant. It would give us a sense of fulfilling to our mind to grow and wander and to our soul to re-experience emotion in a new perspective. Reading would unite your shattered being into a whole entity that we all need as human beings.

Meditation thrived my soul. We all have been through tough moments that we lost our calmness and ability to generate ideas and enjoy our present moment. As millions of people seek meditation to relax  get in touch with their deepest soul to reconnect and create more integration and harmony. This was a great experience to me that enable me  not only to overcome whatever obstacle I encounter, but also helped me a lot to revive my soul to its very beautiful nature.

Attending courses and workshops. Keeping my self in contact with ongoing dynamic world guaranteed me a good deal of knowledge and interaction. This gave me the aid I need to recreate my vision and explore different thoughts with its all potentiality to become true. I learned how to be a totally different being relieved from my old thoughts and views. And this has may to do with the person I am today.