What can writing give us?

I always hear and read that writing is a great and vital tool of knowing and discovering ourselves. This idea comes and goes into my mind but with no real answer to the Why question? Why writing is so helpful to us and why it means so much?


Yesterday, I was reading a book by a psychologist about how to differentiate between the delusion self and the real self. The fact that we thought that things like job and education and relations and money and our appearances define our self and give us a sense of self  as the utmost advantages in life is a real trick.

The author argues that if we get up in a morning and, all of a sudden, found that one of these things has been taken with no return, one would rush into the the second advantage and when it’s been taken away he would seek to the third and so on, until one finds him/herself with nothing at all! What a nightmare! I am not a professor, I am not an American citizen, I am not a wealthy man, I am not a gorgeous girl, I am nothing but the person being born with no title or merit.

The real thing that truly define ourselves is what we give to ourselves and to the other even if it’s just a smile! our true moments with real ones greatly define us as humans, may be happy ones. The moment when you write your own thoughts and create new things with the aim of love and benefit for yourself and others is the moment that really defines you as a person and any other advantage or merit would become a plus_without which You can be Yourself,too.

What holds us back?

I always wonder about the reason why someone is getting better with time and someone else is getting stuck in the same hole? Is there a real explanation for that, here’s what I have found.

Your mindset matters. Your outer world goes magnificently in parallel with your inner world. You cannot catch something not declared possible in your mind. You can increase your chances of getting what you want and beyond by adopting the idea that Everything is possible.

Avoid negative circumstances. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to,physically, be away from negativity surrounding you, but at least you have to check your ideas and emotions constantly to see whether they are yours or theirs!



Priority determines a lot. You cannot go after every idea or possibility that is thrown on your road. This would only cause distraction and disappointing state. You need to set your priorities first that would help you proceed with the next steps of your big goal.

Help the past rest in peace. Sound strange? Yeah, it’s. The life events that were once occupying our days and mind,too, are now the memories we can recall once we need to check somthing. May be we want to remember or to compare or whatever would be the reason, but it’s an ongoing process that would only be fruitful if we do one thing: that’s to accept it. This means that we can start and embrace what is left peacefully.

How reality interacts with your dreams?

We all know that dreams are such lovely thoughts that we have when we contemplate over our future. But, many times, these dreams are far enough that, most of the time, we become lost while pursuing them.



A real person is a real dreamer

Your inner world is the great possible thing that could ever happen!


Visualize it.

Your mind is your own realm: No one has the authority over it. You can let your imagery world inspire you with the vivid dreams that would make, if you pursue them, your reality a prosperous one. Never suppress your ideas. Never belittle yourself. And be quite sure that any idea running into your mind could be a reality one day.

Keep it alive.

Dreams are like any precious thing that  we have; they are subject to be, not just lost, but even stolen! We could encounter some people who do not see through your mind, it’s pretty fair and possible anyway, but the problem is that they would deny that you can achieve that dream. Maybe they are talking loudly to themselves! They cannot achieve that because they cannot visualize it. But You Are Different. Because your dream is precious enough that it is hidden in this world:  Your own world. There is a reason why we continue, as human beings, to live _ that is to witness the wonders we can create generation after generation.

Seek out help

As you go through life, you would see that the doctrine of reality governs. It is so predictable! You will not get what you want easily just because you dreamt of it. You get to try everything out: submit a plan and set your priorities to turn it into practical steps. Ask experts and friends for help. Dreams are live ideas that would prosper if we give them the necessary aid that would make them visible in our life.



Timeless ring!

When my mother brought me a gold ring 9 years ago, it was among the precious things I deeply love and admire.

It was unique that it was tall and has an end like the sepals of the rose, With a red pearl rendering it to an elegant woman standing in front of the mirror.

I really adored the fact that this ring always uplifted me and made me feel like I’m worthy and special. It wasn’t about wearing jewelry at all, but about a sense of transparency inside my soul that let me feel I am a winner after all.

I felt comfortable and satisfied when having it at my hand with its glittering red pearls. 

Years have passed and I had to sell it urgently one day. It was a moment I was not sure about my feelings. May be I didn’t want to experience any emotions at all. Selling it quickly was a way to relieve any sudden burden of the moment. But I felt overwhelmed and relatively uncertain about my attitude.

At this stage in my life I also lost many significant items that belongs to me, as an unconscious way to feel free from any attachment of the past. As if proving to my self that I am strong enough to go without any possessions! Even if they were lovely!

Months came later when I realized that I have deceivingly being victimized between my conscious mind and my weakness part_ who endured all the bad situations left behind. It was not the ring that I sold, it was the past I fearfully was escaping from!

Do we fool ourselves in the pursuit of dreams?

Follow your dreams!

Though it’s said hundreds of thousands of time and sometimes it just loses its shiny impression upon us, but it’s still invaluable no matter what. 

We all hear about how important to pursue our dreams and never settle to them. But sometimes it came to you in the form of hard situations and unbearable moments that your intuition or inner voice would tell you that in its simple yet unique form _ Just follow your dreams. 

Hard situation is hidden  to tell you that you are in your way to achieve your dreams, or that you abandon them altogether that’s why you suffer now! Or that you are in the wrong way assuming that you go after your dreams, but they are not yours actually, they might be theirs and you just fear being lonely!

I belive that life won’t let you fall into the trap of such illusions, but would empower your life with events and persons to guide you. Prophets are every where. But it’s our clear vision and being open to all the ways that might lead us that would determine whether we will fulfill our aspiration and find our value in life or we will go astray, accusing life of all the afflictions we have in our life. 

It is our choice and responsibility to make our life the way we decided to.

How transformation created me a new life!


Being an empathetic girl, enriched my soul as well as dried it! You came through a phase where you almost understand everyone’s else feelings even without declaring them, letting yourself be the natural healer whether by listening wholeheartedly, or by even imagining this person talking to you as you are able to fathom the hidden thoughts especially those charged with pain, as this is you real talent to reach deeper as an empathetic person not as an analyzer!

Our problems are that we feel more than required, we feel sorry for people inside us, we care more, we avoid flattering, we seek the real companion. We live a sincere relationship and we never think of how we can both give and take! As if we are doomed to give and it’s embarrassing enough that we may take. We feel we are worthless to take, because our emotions tell us that there are a lot to endow and the time to get has not yet come!

Needless to say what the outcomes would be_ we all know they are terrific an heartbreaking!

We soon discovered that people do not care enough, can not see through your heart, and can not discern why your are so soft and sensible. Why you, sometimes, prefer to withdraw and just cry rather than blaming the other and telling them what they won’t understand!

You came to realize that you only loved to see the others less suffering, while not allowing others to realize that you suffer too, even tremendously, as you felt it’s inappropriate to show it. But very deep inside you, there’s a suppressed scream telling you:”Nobody cares!” But you insist not allowing these voices to come to surface, because you think they are the devilish thoughts inhabitant within you!

After year of aggravated pain and sorrows, you begin to feel as if a new soul is starving to come to life. This soul is your new brother. It’s the real voice and life hidden deep inside yourself, being denied all the rights to shine before! This is your truest spirit that deserves to be loved to and cared for. The peaceful soul that loves, hates; that gives,takes; that listens, and expresses too.

This is how I began to embrace my vivid spirit step by step, not allowing selfish people, whoever they are, to stay again in my life. The fantastic thing is that I began to feel the deep love the way I dreamed off one day.They were around me_ my real friends. But I could not enjoy the intimacy with them without getting the others out. Real and false people cannot be balanced together. You have to choose either. And I really chose the loved, truly caring ones. I began to feel the sweetness of how life and friends could give us all what we aspired to and even more.

How harsh moments helped me access my deepest self !


It might be hard to recall the exact feelings one felt at a certain moment as, after sometimes, one began to sense them as vague and obscure ones. That is exactly how I felt when looking back at certain moments in my life where I found myself reformed again_ at least from that experience angle. It is surprisingly enough how we develop day after day that we can look at ourselves from the bird’s eye; sometimes laughing, sometimes astonished or even stunned.

I found all the aid and insights I needed in those moments, as they helped not only to show us how wrong and shortsighted we were but rather how we could use them to dramatically transform our life. Those hard moments has the full ability to dig into even the unfathomable thoughts laid there within you, even unknowingly!

A life coach once talked privately to me,” the most difficult thing you ever would encounter in life, yet you have to deal with, is your relationship with the others,” I was still young having little experience to show up. He then continues as if prospecting my future saying,” But step by step you would be able to handle it only with patience and persistence,” going further more he added,” then you may be stuck with someone who would seem to be a stubborn and very difficult to deal with and then step by step and with deep understanding you would be able to get through it too.”

The day passed and I even forgot what he said, heading my life in a way I regarded now as the embodiment of foolishness. I experienced hardships and distractions and even fear from the unknown though I was active and seeking all opportunities to grow. However, I got lost, may be, the most critical thing to help me with obstacles was : knowing myself better!

I escaped fear and was unable to handle it properly within me; that’s why it had aggravated! I abandoned many great opportunities and relationship lest I would fail!

Years passed and I realized how terrible, at least to me, life was and how terrific my thoughts were!

One of the trickiest thought that many others and I have once believed is that time is endless and loose enough that we can do everything we want, even if we procrastinated it for months! As though youth would surpass Time! This is how time is slipped through our fingers and until years went rapidly then we realized how we’re living in delusions.

This was the way I’ve been through to help me rediscover my true self.

The journey began when I started out to experience many different situations and people and thoughts too. You won’t be able to see yourself clearly unless you’re involved in a live situation. Then month after month, failure followed with success and vice versa. I then became more aware of my deep motive and true inclinations that would guide me to the real self-fulfillment.

I owe the difficult moments all the credits that they enabled me to get back to my past dream, dated back, may be, to childhood days: that’s writing. I always thought of myself as the greatest lover of a word! Words were people share their genuine feelings and ideas with those around them. I was one of those people who were sensitive enough as how to create different world though their utterances. 

I actually was an exceptional one to persuade someone to do something. That’s what I began to notice from people’s reaction. I was even the one recommended at any speaking prompts and I don’t know why I never refused that offer even once!

Such innate abilities were deeply hidden and even lost when I advanced in years that I became deeply shattered and distracted as how to know exactly what I wanted in life. 

Thanks to those moments I experienced and those harsh situations that I became the person who I am today. And what I also discovered is that what hinders you from achieving your full potential is the lack of connecting with your own self! This, in its turn, would cause you to have an attitude of rejecting weakness within you. Leaving all bad experience behind, of course, I don’t mean living in them, but to embrace them so as to be able to get the appropriate lesson from them and then toss them all.

I believed that this way of thinking benefited me a lot when it comes to starting out again my new life and any moment of my new life.