One simple hack to perform well despite negative past!

You need to set up a guide to allow you to observe, do well, and to see beyond mere results.

This guide is internal and it lightens up the way and clears the fog in your mind. You can do that by simply increasing focus, not attachment, on the whole journey and visualizing it peacefully as if happening without any inside or outside obstacles.

We, as children, got used to have barriers among us and our wishes. Parents, or elders in general, used to stand between us and what we curiously desire. Our mind got accustomed to such kinds of barriers and CAN recreate similar ones the time we choose to step forward to obtain something!

We can do simple hacks inside-out to reshape a different pattern to be stored and hence operate automatically in upcoming situations.

This simple hack would be to specify one small task or activity like cooking or washing the dishes or calling someone you intended to talk since ages. Then you imagine that you have successfully done the task well. Use timer to count down the time allocated for this and begin immediately. After finishing it, take a deep breath with a smile –initially comes from heart to appear on your face. Celebrate yourself with an encouraging phrase that uplifts your soul like, “I know I can do it and the experiment just proved that!”

This simple hack that allows you to pick up easy tasks to prove that you can outperform in any given circumstances, just helps to smoothly remove any negative perceptions about our ability to courageously and passionately pursue our dreams.


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