How Kids add life to us!

When I was still young, I always felt like not loving kids so much. I just don’t feel that I SHOULD be caring of them if they visited us, though I played with them. I, however, began to have a sense of individualism_ that I exist, too.

over the course of my life when I became mature enough, especially after my sister had kids, my perception and even sense of the kids world differs completely. I began to be close to them as they constantly became the expected and even loved and most welcomed visitors to our family. So I began to feel so close and attached to them and I realized how important they are to us when we get older.


I became even so close to the youngest kid in our family that I became more like a mother to him than just an aunt. I experienced how is it like to be a mother; what are their basic needs; how they interact and understand us. This fabulous experience has given me a great sense of what it takes to be a mother and how a child grow and learn and even deal with us.

They give us a deep sense of life and I believe that caring another person, whether a kid or an elder person or a patient or a poor, gives us a rich and a rather complete image of who we are and who they are, too!


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