Restoring the lost map!

As anyone, I always wondered what keeps some people vibrant and glamourous or even unshakable when it comes to their own beliefs about what they want and seek in life. The answer is as though direct, yet it’s better to be felt so that it would become more natural to believe in.

There’s something that is rather powerful than any other external guide to give us the true sense of who we are and what we really want. That is: your real hidden voice. Our voices were more truthful and real in terms of guiding us correctly than when we grow old. The voices and conviction that we hold within us or may be beyond our consciousness are mostly resulting from the environment and the close circle around us. We, truly,  hold other’s feeling and convictions and aspiration and sometimes fake ourselves to be our own!


The more you are in solitary to uncover the hidden version of you, the more you become aware of who you really want in your life. Children strongly believe in what they want and seek to it because they still have their own voice heard and authentic. The more they listen and believe in what other think of, the more they became away of their true version of themselves!

But there’s is still a way or ways you can restore your true voice and know who you really are! It could be with solitary or through hardships and wrong roads you may take depending on the fake version you once thought to be you! You can know who you really are when your health may be at risk due to illness or an accident. Those whom you love and trust could be the reason you come back to your true self whether they become really good ones or appear to be on the contrary!

Life will always help you to hold the true version of who who your are if you wereonce deceived by the old one!


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