socializing: How does it nourish our souls?

We all know that being around people, especially loved and dear ones, can make our life more lovely and less annoying. But we sometimes are accustomed to certain dull routines that we are totally deprived of having special and meaningful moments.


It was really a special day that me and my close friend spent together during the wedding of our close friend. We laughed and song, had fabulous pictures with each others. We Dared to show our love and compassion together. The beautiful moments are really beautiful because we decide to live it simply and to the maximum. We let go of any bad or disturbing feelings and just enjoyed who we are at this moment.

Thinking of how we can create our happy moments, not just waiting for them was a turning moment of who we can be if we only decide. Happiness lies in our deepest soul and only simple yet sincere steps and action we made would nourish this soul to the full. Deciding that love is what brings us together and living in the very moment is what make shared our happiness. Letting go of trivial negative things would allow cheerful moments to come into surface and make us brighter and more satisfied.


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