What can writing give us?

I always hear and read that writing is a great and vital tool of knowing and discovering ourselves. This idea comes and goes into my mind but with no real answer to the Why question? Why writing is so helpful to us and why it means so much?


Yesterday, I was reading a book by a psychologist about how to differentiate between the delusion self and the real self. The fact that we thought that things like job and education and relations and money and our appearances define our self and give us a sense of self  as the utmost advantages in life is a real trick.

The author argues that if we get up in a morning and, all of a sudden, found that one of these things has been taken with no return, one would rush into the the second advantage and when it’s been taken away he would seek to the third and so on, until one finds him/herself with nothing at all! What a nightmare! I am not a professor, I am not an American citizen, I am not a wealthy man, I am not a gorgeous girl, I am nothing but the person being born with no title or merit.

The real thing that truly define ourselves is what we give to ourselves and to the other even if it’s just a smile! our true moments with real ones greatly define us as humans, may be happy ones. The moment when you write your own thoughts and create new things with the aim of love and benefit for yourself and others is the moment that really defines you as a person and any other advantage or merit would become a plus_without which You can be Yourself,too.


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