What holds us back?

I always wonder about the reason why someone is getting better with time and someone else is getting stuck in the same hole? Is there a real explanation for that, here’s what I have found.

Your mindset matters. Your outer world goes magnificently in parallel with your inner world. You cannot catch something not declared possible in your mind. You can increase your chances of getting what you want and beyond by adopting the idea that Everything is possible.

Avoid negative circumstances. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to,physically, be away from negativity surrounding you, but at least you have to check your ideas and emotions constantly to see whether they are yours or theirs!



Priority determines a lot. You cannot go after every idea or possibility that is thrown on your road. This would only cause distraction and disappointing state. You need to set your priorities first that would help you proceed with the next steps of your big goal.

Help the past rest in peace. Sound strange? Yeah, it’s. The life events that were once occupying our days and mind,too, are now the memories we can recall once we need to check somthing. May be we want to remember or to compare or whatever would be the reason, but it’s an ongoing process that would only be fruitful if we do one thing: that’s to accept it. This means that we can start and embrace what is left peacefully.


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