Timeless ring!

When my mother brought me a gold ring 9 years ago, it was among the precious things I deeply love and admire.

It was unique that it was tall and has an end like the sepals of the rose, With a red pearl rendering it to an elegant woman standing in front of the mirror.

I really adored the fact that this ring always uplifted me and made me feel like I’m worthy and special. It wasn’t about wearing jewelry at all, but about a sense of transparency inside my soul that let me feel I am a winner after all.

I felt comfortable and satisfied when having it at my hand with its glittering red pearls. 

Years have passed and I had to sell it urgently one day. It was a moment I was not sure about my feelings. May be I didn’t want to experience any emotions at all. Selling it quickly was a way to relieve any sudden burden of the moment. But I felt overwhelmed and relatively uncertain about my attitude.

At this stage in my life I also lost many significant items that belongs to me, as an unconscious way to feel free from any attachment of the past. As if proving to my self that I am strong enough to go without any possessions! Even if they were lovely!

Months came later when I realized that I have deceivingly being victimized between my conscious mind and my weakness part_ who endured all the bad situations left behind. It was not the ring that I sold, it was the past I fearfully was escaping from!


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