How transformation created me a new life!


Being an empathetic girl, enriched my soul as well as dried it! You came through a phase where you almost understand everyone’s else feelings even without declaring them, letting yourself be the natural healer whether by listening wholeheartedly, or by even imagining this person talking to you as you are able to fathom the hidden thoughts especially those charged with pain, as this is you real talent to reach deeper as an empathetic person not as an analyzer!

Our problems are that we feel more than required, we feel sorry for people inside us, we care more, we avoid flattering, we seek the real companion. We live a sincere relationship and we never think of how we can both give and take! As if we are doomed to give and it’s embarrassing enough that we may take. We feel we are worthless to take, because our emotions tell us that there are a lot to endow and the time to get has not yet come!

Needless to say what the outcomes would be_ we all know they are terrific an heartbreaking!

We soon discovered that people do not care enough, can not see through your heart, and can not discern why your are so soft and sensible. Why you, sometimes, prefer to withdraw and just cry rather than blaming the other and telling them what they won’t understand!

You came to realize that you only loved to see the others less suffering, while not allowing others to realize that you suffer too, even tremendously, as you felt it’s inappropriate to show it. But very deep inside you, there’s a suppressed scream telling you:”Nobody cares!” But you insist not allowing these voices to come to surface, because you think they are the devilish thoughts inhabitant within you!

After year of aggravated pain and sorrows, you begin to feel as if a new soul is starving to come to life. This soul is your new brother. It’s the real voice and life hidden deep inside yourself, being denied all the rights to shine before! This is your truest spirit that deserves to be loved to and cared for. The peaceful soul that loves, hates; that gives,takes; that listens, and expresses too.

This is how I began to embrace my vivid spirit step by step, not allowing selfish people, whoever they are, to stay again in my life. The fantastic thing is that I began to feel the deep love the way I dreamed off one day.They were around me_ my real friends. But I could not enjoy the intimacy with them without getting the others out. Real and false people cannot be balanced together. You have to choose either. And I really chose the loved, truly caring ones. I began to feel the sweetness of how life and friends could give us all what we aspired to and even more.


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