Freedom: our innate desire to get released


We all aspire to push our life to the full potential level through which we can feel a good sense of ourselves. We can achieve this by empowering this simple choice that we already have.

That is Freedom!

Yes, I claim that freedom is a choice that we all can activate internally to go beyond borders and discover life as has never been before.

Let me say something I noticed about people around me or even in distant place, and this sometimes even applies to me , that whenever you find someone suffers, it’s a strong indicator that they lack freedom in a away or another in their life.

But wait..

You may jump into a conclusion that some people are miserable while they have all the worldly comforts they need and any one aspires to. That’s,of course, not the sense of freedom I am arguing about.

What I argue about is the ability to let go of all the constant desires whether to be a high rank position, and grabbing attention; by the way such things will not be abandoned completely, though. Adding to that all kind of bad or miserable feelings or unfulfilling situations as the other dark side of attachment. By releasing all these kind of chains, you will feel good enough about yourself and your future even if matters are not so great.

You are not attached to such things in a way that would deprive you from feeling the MOMENT that you already have. You will attract more of what you feeling right now, so be cautious and watch your inner feeling as they invisibly connect and contact with the outer world, allowing you to take the more of all that’s already inside.

So if you want to be more happy and fulfilled, you have to feel free and be quite sure that you can get all what you aspire to, once you carefully planted the idea deep inside yourself.

Freedom is the gate to your prosperous future yet to come . It’s your choice and still and will ever be at your hand!



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