How Kids add life to our!

When I was still young, I always felt like not loving kids so much. I just don’t feel that I SHOULD be caring of them if they visited us, though I played with them. I, however, began to have a sense of individualism_ that I exist, too.

over the course of my life when I became mature enough, especially after my sister had kids, my perception and even sense of the kids world differs completely. I began to be close to them as they constantly became the expected and even loved and most welcomed visitors to our family. So I began to feel so close and attached to them and I realized how important they are to us when we get older.


I became even so close to the youngest kid in our family that I became more like a mother to him than just an aunt. I experienced how is it like to be a mother; what are their basic needs; how they interact and understand us. This fabulous experience has given me a great sense of what it takes to be a mother and how a child grow and learn and even deal with us.

They give us a deep sense of life and I believe that caring another person, whether a kid or an elder person or a patient or a poor, gives us a rich and a rather complete image of who we are and who they are, too!


Restoring the lost map!

As anyone, I always wondered what keeps some people vibrant and glamourous or even unshakable when it comes to their own beliefs about what they want and seek in life. The answer is as though direct, yet it’s better to be felt so that it would become more natural to believe in.

There’s something that is rather powerful than any other external guide to give us the true sense of who we are and what we really want. That is: your real hidden voice. Our voices were more truthful and real in terms of guiding us correctly than when we grow old. The voices and conviction that we hold within us or may be beyond our consciousness are mostly resulting from the environment and the close circle around us. We, truly,  hold other’s feeling and convictions and aspiration and sometimes fake ourselves to be our own!


The more you are in solitary to uncover the hidden version of you, the more you become aware of who you really want in your life. Children strongly believe in what they want and seek to it because they still have their own voice heard and authentic. The more they listen and believe in what other think of, the more they became away of their true version of themselves!

But there’s is still a way or ways you can restore your true voice and know who you really are! It could be with solitary or through hardships and wrong roads you may take depending on the fake version you once thought to be you! You can know who you really are when your health may be at risk due to illness or an accident. Those whom you love and trust could be the reason you come back to your true self whether they become really good ones or appear to be on the contrary!

Life will always help you to hold the true version of who who your are if you wereonce deceived by the old one!

A moment sent me there!


how shuttered a person can be when faced with dilemmas that they thought could never meet; when they became helpless and rather motionless!! when faced with unprecedented problems, life became a big hole you cannot escape or even avoid.


Our inside world can endlessly recreate and reshape the same images, voices and touches that happened outside us to be fully represented in us and repeated them all over again!

This is both the problem and the solution through them we can find our true voice that we long feared from!



socializing: How does it nourish our souls?

We all know that being around people, especially loved and dear ones, can make our life more lovely and less annoying. But we sometimes are accustomed to certain dull routines that we are totally deprived of having special and meaningful moments.


It was really a special day that me and my close friend spent together during the wedding of our close friend. We laughed and song, had fabulous pictures with each others. We Dared to show our love and compassion together. The beautiful moments are really beautiful because we decide to live it simply and to the maximum. We let go of any bad or disturbing feelings and just enjoyed who we are at this moment.

Thinking of how we can create our happy moments, not just waiting for them was a turning moment of who we can be if we only decide. Happiness lies in our deepest soul and only simple yet sincere steps and action we made would nourish this soul to the full. Deciding that love is what brings us together and living in the very moment is what make shared our happiness. Letting go of trivial negative things would allow cheerful moments to come into surface and make us brighter and more satisfied.

What can writing give us?

I always hear and read that writing is a great and vital tool of knowing and discovering ourselves. This idea comes and goes into my mind but with no real answer to the Why question? Why writing is so helpful to us and why it means so much?


Yesterday, I was reading a book by a psychologist about how to differentiate between the delusion self and the real self. The fact that we thought that things like job and education and relations and money and our appearances define our self and give us a sense of self  as the utmost advantages in life is a real trick.

The author argues that if we get up in a morning and, all of a sudden, found that one of these things has been taken with no return, one would rush into the the second advantage and when it’s been taken away he would seek to the third and so on, until one finds him/herself with nothing at all! What a nightmare! I am not a professor, I am not an American citizen, I am not a wealthy man, I am not a gorgeous girl, I am nothing but the person being born with no title or merit.

The real thing that truly define ourselves is what we give to ourselves and to the other even if it’s just a smile! our true moments with real ones greatly define us as humans, may be happy ones. The moment when you write your own thoughts and create new things with the aim of love and benefit for yourself and others is the moment that really defines you as a person and any other advantage or merit would become a plus_without which You can be Yourself,too.

What holds us back?

I always wonder about the reason why someone is getting better with time and someone else is getting stuck in the same hole? Is there a real explanation for that, here’s what I have found.

Your mindset matters. Your outer world goes magnificently in parallel with your inner world. You cannot catch something not declared possible in your mind. You can increase your chances of getting what you want and beyond by adopting the idea that Everything is possible.

Avoid negative circumstances. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to,physically, be away from negativity surrounding you, but at least you have to check your ideas and emotions constantly to see whether they are yours or theirs!



Priority determines a lot. You cannot go after every idea or possibility that is thrown on your road. This would only cause distraction and disappointing state. You need to set your priorities first that would help you proceed with the next steps of your big goal.

Help the past rest in peace. Sound strange? Yeah, it’s. The life events that were once occupying our days and mind,too, are now the memories we can recall once we need to check somthing. May be we want to remember or to compare or whatever would be the reason, but it’s an ongoing process that would only be fruitful if we do one thing: that’s to accept it. This means that we can start and embrace what is left peacefully.

How reality interacts with your dreams?

We all know that dreams are such lovely thoughts that we have when we contemplate over our future. But, many times, these dreams are far enough that, most of the time, we become lost while pursuing them.


A real person is a real dreamer

Your inner world is the great possible thing that could ever happen!


Visualize it.

Your mind is your own realm: No one has the authority over it. You can let your imagery world inspire you with the vivid dreams that would make, if you pursue them, your reality a prosperous one. Never suppress your ideas. Never belittle yourself. And be quite sure that any idea running into your mind could be a reality one day.

Keep it alive.

Dreams are like any precious thing that  we have; they are subject to be, not just lost, but even stolen! We could encounter some people who do not see through your mind, it’s pretty fair and possible anyway, but the problem is that they would deny that you can achieve that dream. Maybe they are talking loudly to themselves! They cannot achieve that because they cannot visualize it. But You Are Different. Because your dream is precious enough that it is hidden in this world:  Your own world. There is a reason why we continue, as human beings, to live _ that is to witness the wonders we can create generation after generation.

Seek out help

As you go through life, you would see that the doctrine of reality governs. It is so predictable! You will not get what you want easily just because you dreamt of it. You get to try everything out: submit a plan and set your priorities to turn it into practical steps. Ask experts and friends for help. Dreams are live ideas that would prosper if we give them the necessary aid that would make them visible in our life.